Due to Covid-19, we see now why B2B content is becoming even more important for companies in the hospitality tech sector.

If you previously relied on firm handshakes, post-event drinks and face-to-face meetings to press home sales you have needed to switch your focus over the past year and a bit. The pandemic has reinforced the rise of content marketing as a preferred way of communicating with customers. This tactic sits alongside reputation building PR strategies and the two complement each other naturally.

B2B content marketing is the use of digital content in a variety of formats to engage, educate, inform, nurture and convert prospective business customers into qualified leads. It directly influences the sales process and increasingly is a subtle, successful way of speaking to your ideal customers in a direct yet non-salesy tone.

So what’s your content creation strategy? Do you have a blog on your website, does your CEO contribute thought leader articles to targeted industry press? What is your social media content calendar? 

Content creation for tech companies ranges from being top priority, with an in-house team or PR agency on board to manage the strategy and process, to ad hoc at best with it sitting at the bottom of a long list of ‘business development’ priorities. 

Content, done well, is a way for your business to be discovered and considered. Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes – your customer (an enterprise property manager let’s say) is ‘internet shopping’ for their tech stack, they research, they read and digest a variety of content online, they are educated (by stealth) and your service/platform ends up on their shopping list. The process feels organic, yet is targeted.

We make it our business at Abode PR to support companies in creating digital content (see here for some top tips) that is both engaging and informative in order to support sales and marketing teams reach their aims. We nurture key media contacts so that once we have written your content, be that an opinion article or a customer case study, we can pitch your stories to receptive publications. It often helps for a third party, such as a PR agency that is skilled and well versed in hospitality technology media relations, to pitch on your behalf – something to consider if you are finding your pitches going unanswered.

Whilst we look forward to the time when much-valued industry conferences and face-to-face meetings can flourish once again, and reduce our Zoom time, companies would be wise to gear up for a sustained increase in demand for high-quality digital content. Are you ready? 

About Helen Wedgewood

Helen is a PR specialist at Abode PR, a specialist PR and content marketing agency partnering with global short-term rental, hotel and property technology clients.


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