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First. Public Relations is not just about press releases. It’s also not even just about securing coverage. Public Relations is a management function that is concerned with strategic communications to build mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its audiences, or ‘publics’. It’s also about increasing visibility, developing a reputation, building trust and engaging in helpful conversation. But where exactly does PR sit within the marketing and sales funnel for a vacation rental management business? What impact can PR have on the guest journey from pre-prospect to lead, to guest, to happy and loyal brand advocate?

Good PR shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. A PR campaign that is most successful helps to create new leads, but also to move prospects down the sales funnel to vacation rental purchase; then develops them into vocal brand advocates ready to support the feeding into the top of the funnel again. A strategic PR campaign can, (and often does), support the entire guest journey to purchase and beyond by influencing to a greater or lesser degree, each of the key stages a potential guest will move through.

Creating awareness

Generating positive awareness about an organization is what public relations is usually best known for. PR is often seen as a ‘top of the funnel’ exercise that creates interest in a consumer (guest) by helping to identify either a challenge or a need. A well-placed editorial, a targeted blog post or a social media campaign can all help generate a ‘need’ for what your vacation rental management business offers; it also has an important role to play in the discovery phase of a future guest starting to think about where they want to go on vacation (or on the next business trip).

Consideration and preference

According to Expedia, travel consumers visit up to 38 website sites before making a booking. Other evidence shows that a customer will typically experience 23 touchpoints before they act. In today’s digital age, consumers are savvy and they do their research. In the consideration and preference phase of the sales funnel, your next potential guest is weighing up the pros and cons of the different travel options that they have for their stay. They are investing their time at the various booking sites, review sites and travel blogs, and are visiting the sites of other vacation rental businesses and accommodation suppliers.

PR is essentially about getting earned, not paid for, exposure to your content. One of the key reasons that generating ‘earned’ content is so powerful, is because what other people or organizations say about you has far more influence on opinion and behaviour change over what you say about you. Just ask Google. That’s why online coverage has such a positive impact on search rankings.

Search marketing, SEO and PPC are all essential for ensuring your offering is visible in the research phase of purchase; however, online coverage in the shape of an accommodation review, inclusion in a ‘Listicle’, a well-placed thought leadership article, a third-party review site or via a friend’s social media page, may just be the nudge needed to move a prospect down the funnel towards purchase.

The purchase decision

What makes a prospect take the leap, part with their hard-earned cash and choose one vacation rental business, property or listing over another? The fact that the product or experience is expected to meet their needs and expectations is obvious. However, a customer will only do business with a business that they trust, and often one that they have built some kind of emotional connection with. This is where the PR skills of story-telling and building communities can be most powerful.

Consumers are often distracted, difficult to reach, and fickle. A good PR strategy helps to build social communities around a product or experience that fosters emotional connection and feeling ‘part of’. Developing messages and storytelling that resonate with your audiences and distributing this through content that educates, delights and influences can be powerful.

Also, it is in this purchase phase, where timing is everything, that ‘earned’ media can blend with paid for media to edge a prospect into becoming a guest. When an editorial review is linked with a promotional offer, the proposition may be hard to resist.

Developing loyalty

As we all know, the customer journey doesn’t end with the purchase. Purchase is just the beginning of the next phase. With buying travel especially, there is typically a waiting period between purchase and experience. Your future guest will be continuing their research, getting a feel for you and anticipating their intended stay for weeks and even months before they actually walk through the door of your property. PR can support a positive experience of the anticipation process, and help continue to foster the good feeling that your customer has made the right decision. This can be encouraged through social communities and dialogue. Your future guest may even at this stage start to join the conversation by expressing their excitement about their upcoming trip. Your customers will also be looking to you to ensure they have made the right decision by consuming your blogs and further researching the experience they can expect to have during their stay.

Encouraging advocacy

Customer advocacy is essential for supporting lead generation and input at the top of the sales funnel. This is especially true for travel and experiences. Happy customers make our best PR advocates. In today’s digital and social age, the power of customer advocacy can be a force in its own right. This is, as anyone who has had a bad TripAdvisor review knows, also very true for negative feedback. People are highly influenced by what their friends and family think and say, even if these ‘friends’ are tenuous relationships via social media. Each individual’s social platform has become its own mini-blog and review site. Happy guests can also become excellent customer-centric case studies that encourage fostering the emotional connection often needed to encourage prospects down the funnel through consideration and purchase.

The cycle continues

Again, good PR doesn’t exist in a vacuum – or at least, it shouldn’t. PR works alongside all aspects of the sales and marketing funnel to support the journey from awareness to advocating and back again.

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Jessica Gillingham is the Director of Abode PR, a PR agency specializing in servicing the international vacation rental industry, partnering with both B2B and B2C brands. Over the years, Jessica has worked with many brands, big and small (some travel and some not) and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Public Relations.

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