This weekend, People magazine posted a short article entitled “Kendall Jenner Reveals Her ‘Love’ for Vacation Rental Houses: ‘I Get a Better Vibe of the Location’”. In the article Jenner states that she often prefers VR’s over hotels, because, despite the lack of room service, she just prefers the ‘vibe’ of staying in a home.

The article, which was originally posted on her own blog site, showed photos of Kendall lounging around her ‘home from home’ and went on to list the top ten vacation rentals currently on her bucket list. On her list, almost all incidentally Airbnb…. included a castle in Jaipur, a bamboo house in Bali and Harry Houdini’s old house in Hollywood. (Good work Airbnb!).

As we all know, one of the key selling points of vacation rentals is the sense of authenticity that they often (but not always) give their guests. Guests can imagine really being part of a locality and destination because they are literally ‘living amongst’ the locals.

Somehow, however, I can’t imagine Kendall really living amongst the locals on her recent stay in a luxurious Turks and Caicos Airbnb…. but we get her point.

Also, most vacation rental businesses can do a pretty fine job of matching hotels’ room service with a concierge service, if the demand and recompense are there…

The bigger point here is that a young celebrity with enormous influential ‘clout’ has endorsed our industry.

When a Jenner (or another celebrity) gives the ‘thumbs up’ to anything, the digital airways do a little dance and whatever was ‘liked/loved/shared by one of the sisters, automatically goes up in PR ‘stock’ value. People start listening and they start looking – even if they are not natural ‘fans’.

Already, I can imagine travel editors around the globe busy compiling round-ups of the most favored celebrity vacation rental hot spots akin to Kendall’s list. Writers will be frantically putting together pitches for A-list comparisons between staying in a privately-owned castle over a presidential suite, or bedding down in a townhouse on Riverside Drive over The Four Seasons.

There’s a lot of potential spin-offs and value to be had from Kendall’s vacation rental ‘ love admission’.

We will be eagerly watching!

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