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As specialists working in the international short-term rental space, we use our unique expertise to support our clients develop their reputation and reach new audiences through traditional media relations, content marketing, thought leadership development and digital PR.

We partner with clients including technology providers, marketing platforms, large property managers, associations and other service providers in the vacation rental, serviced apartment and property technology sectors.

Media Relations

As specialists in the short-term rental industry, we use our expertise, connections and knowledge to create effective media relations campaigns for our clients in order to achieve maximum impactful media coverage that supports their business objectives.

We use a blend of traditional relationship building and storytelling techniques alongside digital and SEO-driven PR activities.

Digital PR

We understand that PR with the most impact lives and breathes online coverage. Whilst aspects of traditional PR are still very much a core element of the way we work, the majority of our clients, and those approaching us for public relations activity, are looking to increase their online presence and awareness amongst target publications and audiences.

Our mission is to create relevant and shareable content that clients can use to not only improve online visibility but also to increase their reach and enhance their own digital marketing and social media activities.

Thought Leadership

We support our clients to develop the thought leadership strategy of their c-suite team through advising on content and providing opportunities to develop impactful discourse in industry discussion through bylined articles, insight interviews and speaking opportunities.

Communications Strategy

We work with our clients to shape and inform their communications strategy including reviewing current media relations, story idea generation, content auditing, social media planning, communications evaluation and core messaging.

We partner with you to ensure that we develop a strategy that is most relevant for your business goals and will influence the audiences most important to you.

Content Marketing

We understand that consumers, whether individuals or business buyers, connect best with a storytelling approach to content marketing. The ‘show, don’t tell’ ethos is most effective in growing an audience built around your knowledge, personality and key offering.

We help our clients connect with new audiences through telling their story in the most compelling way and distributing that story through the most effective channels whether this is through blogs, advertorials, e-books, white papers and industry reports.

Analyst Relations

For many brands, analyst relations are critical to the success of marketing and PR initiatives, especially given the role they play in defining and shaping industry trends. We develop relationships with industry researchers and analysts that are looking for information and insight into various aspects of the short-term rental industry.


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