Tel Aviv apartments and vacation rentals

Sea N’ Rent, the vacation rental specialist for Tel Aviv, have a portfolio of more than 60 luxury apartment rentals in prime locations through-out the city for both leisure and business travellers.

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Public Relations


The Brief

Sea N’ Rent, has a portfolio of more than 60 luxury apartment rentals in prime locations through-out Tel Aviv for both leisure and business travelers. Our brief was to raise the profile of Sea N’ Rent through actively working with the travel media to gain positive coverage across a range of titles and sites.

The Results

Within two months, Sea N’ Rent was featured in The Sun, had a full page accommodation review of one of their luxury apartments in Jewish News, reaching almost half a million page views to a very targetted audience, and had a guest article and online Tel Aviv city guide placed in Vegan Life magazine. Other opportunities included hosting a press trip for British Airway’s in-flight podcast “Meet the Locals” available on all BA short-haul flights and facilitating a press trip for the weekly travel show for Ireland’s national talk radio show, High Noon on Newstalk.


From the start, Jessica made a great first impression which set a strong foundation for what has turned out to be an exciting and highly professional working arrangement between us. Jessica made my team and I feel like we were in good hands, building a working a relationship based on trust.

Guy Fomin

Director, Sea N' Rent