Jaynes Cottages Luxury summer cottages in Muskoka, Canada

Jayne’s Cottages is a vacation rental agency specialising in luxury summer cottage rentals in Canada’s beautiful Muskoka region. Jayne’s mission is to help both owners and guests make the most of their Muskoka experience.

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Public Relations


The Brief

Our brief was to introduce Jayne’s Cottages to the UK market and to support the business grow their international reputation, raise awareness and reach potential new customers through PR and digital PR channels. As a new product to the UK, we have worked at building interest, intrigue, and excitement with the travel press.


In just two months, coverage was secured in The Times in a ‘30 Best Holidays to Canada’ feature, The Scottish Sun for top spots for Scots to travel to in 2017 and a journalist from The Times will be writing a further feature on Muskoka and Jayne’s Cottages following a press trip later this year.

As an online vacation rental company with luxury properties in Muskoka, Canada, I was intrigued when Jessica approached me about doing some PR work in the UK market.  UK citizens form a significant number of my rental families so I thought I would give it a try. Abode PR is a very professional agency and has many contacts in the travel industry.  They have been successful in getting my company published in the London Times among some other mentions.  Jessica is full of ideas and a pleasure to work with. My investment in this UK PR firm did pay off and I would recommend Jessica and her firm to others!

Jayne McCaw

Founder and Director, Jayne's Cottages