With the vacation rental industry growing increasingly competitive, owners are beginning to realise that it’s no longer enough to simply list their rental home on online travel agencies. Not only are they starting their own vacation rental websites, but they’re now also looking for more innovative ways to get their name out in the world.

That’s where PR comes in. Many owners – whether they’re starting out or have years of experience under their belt – have yet to discover just how useful a PR strategy can be for building and maintaining a reputable name for their brand.

As PR no longer exclusively refers to traditional printed media like newspapers and magazines, there is a wealth of opportunity and new channels available for owners to take advantage of, though they may not know it yet.

In my recent post on Lodgify’s blog, the topic of how developing a PR strategy can be beneficial for vacation rentals is discussed. And the most important thing for owners to take away? They 100% need to have a clear plan from the beginning, and stick to it! There is no winging it as far as PR is concerned.

Owners need to ask themselves these questions:

  • What am I trying to fix?
  • Where do I want to end up?
  • Who should I be talking to?
  • What should I be saying?
  • How am I going to make it happen?

Everything owners say and do should support the overarching goals of their business: to build their reputation, maintain a good occupancy rate, please their guests into returning and receive consistently great reviews.

Implementing a PR strategy that encompasses both on and offline media, including blogs, social networks, reviews, influencers, journalists and past guests, can work very favourably – allowing vacation rental businesses to be seen by the right people at the right time.

Read my full article here: How Developing a PR Strategy Can Benefit Your Vacation Rental Business

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