Social media for individual property owners and vacation rental businesses can seem daunting, but the good news is that, although time consuming, creating and running a social media profile is absolutely and completely free…

You just need a bit of creative thinking and some careful planning.

Content toolkit for vacation rentals

Once you have decided that you want to use social media as a way to reach out to new guests, raise your brand profile and engage with your audience (and you know you really can’t afford not to…). What do you do next?

For vacation and holiday rental businesses, the most logical social media platforms to start with include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

To begin with, choose one, or perhaps two, social media platforms to cut your teeth on and be consistent. It is far better to start small and do a brilliant job with one or two platforms, rather than try and cover each and every one – badly.

Firstly, what to post?

The first step is to create your very own hardworking property owners ‘content toolkit’. We have some effective ideas to show you how to develop this ‘toolkit’.

The Importance of being visual

Content can include anything from images, video, blogs, gifs and vlogs. But remember visual images = engagement. Stats in 2016 found that content with pictures get 94% more views than content without.

Having said all that, video is set to continue to explode over the next few years, but we will look more deeply into video in another blog.

With visuals being key, collating an image library is fundamental to your successful ‘content toolkit’ and should contain a wealth of beautiful, unique and inspiring pictures of your property and local area. Images that really give your future guests an emotional connection with what a stay in your villa (cottage, apartment, castle…) will be like for them.*

People respond emotionally to images. According to scientists, the human brain will process an image 600,000 times faster than words, in fact the majority of information sent and understood by the brain is entirely visual.

Therefore, visual images help potential guests feel an emotional connection to your vacation rentals. Providing a  compelling visual feast of what you offer, really is the ultimate win-win situation for villa and vacation rental owners.

Blog content ideas for vacation rentals and villa owners

Remember; local and mobile. These are the buzzwords whizzing through the social media industry in 2017. The majority of people read, digest and consume their media through their smartphones. mobiles – This is simply a fact of 21st century life.

So with this in mind, keep your blogs both short and sweet. Imagine yourself trying to read your own blog on your phone. Also, think about what makes compelling content. Bear in mind when you are writing your content, that it needs to be relevant, timely and of interest to your desired reader, i.e. a potential guest.

You have the ultimate source of compelling information for your blog content right at your fingertips (your local knowledge) and this is something that generally speaking, your potential guests don’t have. They are looking for you to provide this.

Sharing your perceptive, interesting and extremely useful local knowledge will allow potential guests to connect to you and your property and build trust and loyalty in both you and your property.

A crucial key in building an effective ‘content toolkit’ for your vacation rental business, is to build a story around your property, location and brand. What makes your villa truly unique and irresistibly interesting to guests? Why should a guest stay at your property rather than at Joe Blog’s down the street? Do you yourself have an interesting tale to tell. Is there something extra special about your location?

A good tip is to brainstorm with colleagues, family or friends to create a considered index of the best things to do in your region.

Literally, write down all of the local specialities.

For example,

  • Where are the most beautiful/quiet/seductive/inspiring locations?
  • What are the best restaurants, cocktails, sunsets, sunrises, breakfasts, paths, parks, cycle-ways, swimming beaches near your property?

Creating a content planner

With this wealth of content, you now have the foundation for a social media plan. This can form the basis of your content planner and provide a wealth of relevant information to post, tweet or share.

Create a weekly, or monthly, social media calendar master plan of what you plan to share. Decide on the number of images, or videos and blogs you can commit to each week or month, and then stick to this schedule.

If you need help developing an effective content marketing strategy for your vacation rental business, then we can help so do get in touch.

*Disclaimer: Please ensure your image library contains only either your own personal images, or images you have purchased, or you have received permission from the photographer to use them – do not get caught out and violate copyright law.

There is a wealth of fantastic free image libraries to be found online including;, and



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