PR and marketing communications have always been about finding and reaching audiences who are likely to buy your product and then encouraging them to do so. Simple really.

An effective PR or marketeer already knows who will book their vacation rental, where these elusive guests can be found, what media or platform they will be influenced by, and what messages will appeal to them.

However, back in the olden days of PR and marketing, (not so very long ago…), an audience was relatively large and vaguely defined – “lives here, earns this, buys that, has this interest, is this gender…” But above all, an audience was BIG.

However, the internet, mobile technology and the ever-increasing personalization of the ways in which we consume our content and media, has changed the traditional concept of a mass audience significantly and permanently.  We are now talking to and with, individuals – not mass markets.

Actually, we always were…. it’s just now a lot easier.

The internet has given individuals a platform to share their voice, and see and hear just what matters to them. In fact, the internet is all about individuals.  Today, these individuals have far more sophisticated knowledge about their choices and options, and on the flipside, we also know far more about them. The more you know about your audience (your guests), the better you can tailor your content to their needs, wants, interests and even values.

Writing and producing content for your vacation rental business is all about reaching that ONE guest. Or more likely (and let’s be honest, hopefully!), those many ONE guests.

But, how do you find out who your audience of one actually is, and then how do you tailor your content marketing to reach Him or Her and make it appealing to them?

It all starts with research. Both quantitative data taken from current guest profiles and website traffic, as well as qualitative data. What are your guests tweeting? Where do they hang out online and offline? With whom and with what else are your customers engaging with? Thinking about? Doing? Buying? Dreaming of? If you don’t know, ask them!

Once you pull all this information together, then it is time to create a few guest personas. These personas (guest characters if you prefer), begin to embody your audience of ONE. Once you identify your audience of one, you can then tailor each piece of content (blog post, web copy, tweet, Facebook post, Vlog, Instagram, Pinterest board, LinkedIn article, white paper, e-book) to meet their individual needs.

Your content is created with that ONE in mind and this is who you are writing and creating content for.

Any business will have several ONEs (perhaps the decision maker in a family or a business traveler preferring the space of a rental over hotel), and each piece of content (and the fulfilling of a subsequent need) is tweaked and tailored accordingly.

For example, this article (content) has been written for…. let’s say ‘Susan’.  ‘Susan’ runs a successful small to medium sized vacation rental (if she is State-side) or holiday letting business which is growing rapidly. Susan is forward-thinking, entrepreneurial and a confident risk taker. ‘Susan’ already knows that she needs to get better at content marketing and that content marketing, if done right, is the backbone for all marketing.

Susan is interested in all aspects of the management of her vacation rental business but is now too busy building the business to give as much attention as she knows she needs, to maintaining relationships and developing and growing her brand.

This inkling that she is not quite doing enough, has led her to read articles (like this one) to gain some current understanding about marketing and PR for vacation rental businesses so she can improve her own marketing efforts and further grow her brand.

Maybe reading this you are ‘Susan’, the owner of a niche vacation rental business, or maybe you just stumbled across this article. Either way, hopefully, you have found it useful and it will help you think a bit more about who your audience(s) of ONE is and how better to tailor your content, and therefore be more successful.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can help you improve the content marketing and PR for your vacation rental business, do get in touch.

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