Developing a simple PR strategy for your vacation rental business is the first step in the right direction for a successful PR plan and outcome.

A decent strategy becomes the guiding light and blueprint for moving your PR forwards. It’s the roadmap to follow, and the document that can keep your activity accountable.

But how do you start to work out what your PR strategy should be, and even more importantly, where do you even start?

Your PR Goal

A good plan always starts with the end in mind. Therefore, think about what you actually need PR to achieve for your business. What is your overall objective? This objective should tie in with your overall business plan and may be close to one of these:

  • Our PR goal is to establish our reputation with our target audience as the number one choice for vacation rentals in Mexico (or Perugia, Devon, Nice….)
  • Our PR goal is to reach potential guests in markets we have not previously reached (LGBT, single parent families, guests from Latin America…)
  • Our PR goal is to increase inbound links to our website through reputable travel articles and 3rd party content sources.

Your PR Objectives

Once you have your overarching goal, you can then start to look at setting some SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-based) objectives that will help you reach it. Try and come up with about 5 objectives if you can, and remember that any thought that you put into this stage of your strategy, will pay off in the long-run.

Your Target Audience

Once you have set your objectives, look at who your target audiences will be. Try and be as specific as you can here but also prioritise. Your list may cover large family groups living in North America; wedding parties interested in castles in Tuscany; bloggers that cover the luxury Asian travel market; or families travelling with children under 5. You get the idea.

Your Key Messages

Next up in your planning process for a successful PR strategy for your vacation rental business, is to develop your key messages. These messages become the essence of all the communication: pitches, tweets, press releases, interviews and blogs that you use when you are talking or writing about your vacation rental business. You don’t have to use the phrases verbatim, but the spirit of them should underpin everything you say and do.

For example:

  • My Luxury Rental Apartments matches owners of unique city centre apartments in the most celebrated cities in the world with discerning guests, to create memorable vacation experiences.
  • My Beach Hut Rentals has an enviable collection of exclusive beach hut rentals across Thailand that are perfect for a memorable honeymoon experience.

Make sure at least one key message includes a strong call-to-action including your website address.

Your Target Media

Once you have established the types of guests you are looking to attract, and your key messages, your next task is to prepare a target media list. For this list, think about all the key media that, (in an ideal world) you would love to pitch to. Maybe it is all the top-tier travel magazines, maybe it includes family travel writers and platforms. Perhaps the wedding and honeymoon press are appropriate for you? Or your own regional media?

Make sure your list includes actual titles. Start to do some research and put together a list of relevant contacts within each media. You can start to source these contacts by looking online or in the print publications. A good tip is to actually buy and read your target media so you can to get an idea of what they cover, as well as the relevant contact details.

What does success look like?

Finally, have a think about what your evaluation metrics will include. Will you be tracking traffic from 3rd party sources or conversion rates? What does PR need to achieve for your vacation rental business in order to be a success?

Once you have your strategy together you can start to develop a plan of action on how you can maximised your PR. If you haven’t already read it, you can also download our guide: ‘Successfully pitching your press release to travel editors’.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about how PR can help your vacation rental business, you can contact us here. We’d love to chat.


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