This time last week the Abode PR team was in London where the CREtech 2021 conference was in full swing.

We saw how innovative technology solutions are transforming the commercial real estate sector and what challenges they might go on to solve in future. 

Here are three things we learnt:

1. CREtech is going to play a huge role in the hybrid work revolution

People aren’t wanting to work full-time in offices anymore and this is forcing the real estate sector to completely rethink how they design spaces to a hybrid work model. CREtech will be the enabler of this transformation. By harnessing data on the way people are using buildings and what impacts their productivity and happiness, technology will help deliver an enriching and sustainable experience in buildings for those who use them.

2. Tech solutions are helping the industry meet climate goals

Tackling climate change was a hot topic at CREtech London with COP26 due to start shortly after the conference. A huge $14 billion has been invested in climate tech solutions, but the industry is lagging behind in its response (only 1% have reached net zero carbon, for example). Companies like Building Minds are helping collect consumption, energy and carbon cost data to help real estate portfolios become more sustainable.

3. Proptech will help the commercial real estate sector catch up with the residential 

Transactions in commercial real estate, traditionally operated using human contact, will be sped up through tech automation. This will impact viewings, valuations, due diligence and more. One startup example we saw at the conference was Offr: a marketplace for agents that allows buyers and tenants to go through a transaction with a few taps of a phone. Proptech has already had a big impact in the residential sector and with continuing VC investment into the commercial sector this will no doubt accelerate. 

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About Laura Bolton
Laura is a PR Account Manager at Abode PR, a B2B public relations agency and consultancy. Laura works with clients who create technology solutions operating within the short-term rental, hotel and real estate ecosystems, bringing her consumer PR experience in the travel industry to the team at Abode.


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