By Jen Childs, PR Specialist at Abode PR

It’s been quite a year here at Abode PR. Having successfully navigated the pandemic challenges that swept across the travel technology industry last year (not to mention the practical issues of furlough and lockdowns), 2021 is proving to be a year of outstanding business success, with a host of new client wins and a fast-growing team.

As B2B PR specialists in the global short-term rental, hotel and real estate industry, we sit at the heart of the developing intersection between work, life and play in the property and hospitality markets. We partner with technology solutions playing a lead role in this transformation across Europe, North America and Australia. And we do all this from our hub in the historic city of Bath. 

So how does a niche PR agency based in the South West of England stand out in the global B2B technology PR world? Here’s why we think we’re gaining notoriety and enjoying success:

1. Industry expertise and commitment

As established B2B PR specialists in hospitality and property technology, we provide media relations, strategic communications services, content marketing and thought leadership development to a host of top tech solutions in the sector including Breezeway, Operto, PointCentral, Hostaway, Jetstream, and Reside Worldwide.

There’s so much going on in this space right now – travel and traveller are changing, and the short-term rental and real estate sector is responding and transforming at pace with innovative tech solutions. Seeing how business is transformed by technology is what excites and inspires us most. We recognise the power of new technology to propel the industry forward, raising standards and driving efficiencies. And it’s this understanding that enables us to translate our client’s ambition into insightful and authoritative storytelling – the impact of which cannot be underestimated.  

Our niche focus is what draws clients to partnering with us. We’re able to provide them with unparalleled expertise and insight, and, consequently, strategic direction – helping them to build resilient, sustainable and successful businesses. Our clients are shaping the future short-term rental and real estate landscape, and we’re here to support them in realising their ambitions. 

2. Strong foundations

Life at Abode PR is shaped by the founding principles of the agency – integrity, partnership, flexibility and vision. Values that made me want to work here; values that seem to resonate more than ever. 

These values underpin all that we do. They ground us and guide us in partnership with our clients, as a team, and as individuals. 

We’re in the business of building good relationships. It’s vital for our growth and for the success of our clients. Our values give us the firm foundation on which to build good relationships. We know the worth of collaboration and consider our client relationships true partnerships, steering clear of the restrictive client/service provider dynamic. 

We also know the importance of wellbeing and growth for the Abode PR team. We have regular team workshops, coaching sessions and training to keep ahead of the industry trends and guide career development. We’ve always worked with a flexible and ‘hybrid’ culture, which not only kept us strong and agile over the last year, but helped us grow. Just as the sector adapts, and even thrives in the current climate, so do we.

3. Rooted in our heritage

Female led, and, until recently, an all-female team, Abode PR is committed to fostering a ‘feminist culture’ in the workplace. We’re immensely proud of having a woman at the helm. Sadly though, this is still the exception rather than the norm across the industry. Today, women hold only 30% of leadership roles in PR. We believe this must change. As such, leadership and mentoring are a central part of our agency culture – traits which will stand us in good stead as we continue to grow. 

We work with clients across the globe. Nevertheless, you’ll often hear us talking about our heritage in the South West, and specifically the city of Bath. It’s something we celebrate. With its strong tech industry and architectural foundations, Bath was the perfect place to start Abode PR. And despite working in a global ‘remote’ marketplace, we’ve chosen to hire talent based locally in Bath and Bristol – further rooting ourselves in the local business community. We’ve made a name for ourselves on a global stage, and we hope to inspire other startups in the South West to do the same. 

A bright future for hospitality and property technology PR

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Abode PR, as we find ways to help our clients stand out in this busy and dynamic marketplace. We look forward to seeing where 2021 and beyond takes us and our clients. 

About Jen Childs

Jen draws on her broad experience in PR and marketing within the consumer insight industry to provide strategic PR services for our B2B global Hospitality Tech, Hotel Tech and Prop Tech clients, helping them build brand awareness.

If you’d like to know more about working with our team at Abode PR – go ahead and contact us for an informal chat. We are currently looking for a PR Account Manager to join our team.


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